Guitars Unplugged auditions kick off competition

Guitars Unplugged auditions kick off competition

— Some of Cedar City’s acoustic guitarists came out last Wednesday to compete for the title of Power 91 Guitars Unplugged Champion and the winner of a $1,000 guitar package from Whittlesticks.

Auditions for the 11th annual Guitar’s unplugged took place on Wednesday. Guitarists performed, sang and played their heart out for their chance to compete in the finals.

The finalists will perform for the audience tonight at 7 p.m. in the Sterling Church Auditorium.

Steve Swift, a junior communication major from Key West Fla, and the coordinator for the event is thrilled with the turnout for the auditions.

“We’re really excited for the 11th year, after seeing the competitors,” Swift said. “It will be a great show and wonderful free date night.”

The youngest performer, 10-year-old Jacob Mason, said he felt good about the audition, and looks forward to playing in tonight’s show.

“I wasn’t nervous,” Mason said. “I’ve been playing the guitar for about a year.”

Seasoned guitar players also came out to the auditions, Mike Multen a Cedar City resident who has been playing the guitar for 47 years said it feels good for his first ever

“My playing comes from so many directions,” Multen said. “I’m planning on performing a song that I wrote the music and the lyrics myself.”

Cal Rollins, Power 91’s station manager, said he was impressed with the quality of performers that came out to auditions this year.

“The caliber of musicians that have come out tonight should make for a really good show,” Rollins said. “This is our 11th annual, we will keep doing it until we get it right. This is one of the main events at SUU, a fun great cheap date.”

This year’s competition will be judged by Paul Schwartz, a bass player from a popular 80’s punk band called MIA.

The other two judges will be Tim Crestinger from Groovacious, and Kirk Fitzpatrick, assistant professor of philosophy from SUU.

“We’re hoping to have a turnout from 100 to 200 people just from the auditions alone,” Swift said. “We’ll take as many people as we can pack in the door.

This year’s first place winner of the competition, $1,000 custom guitar from Whittlesticks Guitar Company.

The winner’s performance will also go into rotation on Power 91, giving them even more exposure outside the competition itself.

We use this as a chance to highlight local talent on the radio station," said Rollins. "Something that has been really important to the station."

Tonight’s Guitar’s Unplugged competition will be held in the Sterling Church Audition at 7 p.m. and is free to the public.


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