Power 91, SUP ghost hunt for Halloween fun

The Morning Brew teamed up with Southern Utah Paranormal Friday to try and contact the ghosts at Cedar Post Pawn Shop to get in the spirit of Halloween.

Caitlin Jackson, Cody Christensen and Brad Kinsel worked with members of Southern Utah Paranormal (SUP) to contact various ghosts and spirits at Cedar Post.

The building that houses Cedar Post Pawn Shop was built in the early 1920’s as a railroad commissary to store all the food that was transported to the various resorts in the National Parks surrounding Southern Utah.

Since Cedar Post moved into the building in the early 80’s, there have been various reports of paranormal activity.

Keven Ray, the manager of the store, said people have reported seeing things move behind them, or just a feeling of not being alone.

“We have had a Native American father and daughter come in, and the little girl told her dad that she saw someone standing in the elevator,” Ray said.

Other reports have included sounds coming from empty rooms, seeing figures come in and out of the rooms, and a pot mysteriously falling off a shelf, Ray said.

The group of the Morning Brew and SUP split into two different groups. One stayed upstairs and the second went down into the basement.

The first group in the basement went into one the back freezers where during a previous investigation the EVP picked up crying.

EVP is an acronym for Electronic Voice Phenomenon, a term coined by paranormal investigators to describe sounds and voices of both residual and intelligent ghosts recorded on electronic devices, such as digital voice recorders, that cannot be heard with the human ear but show up on playback.

Brad Kinsel, a junior communication major from Heber and a DJ the Morning Brew, said he is open to the idea of ghosts, but is still unconvinced.

“It was a lot of sitting around and listening for noises that could be anything,” Kinsel said. “I really wanted to hear or see something big. They make it seem a lot more glamorous on the TV shows. “

SUP invited ghosts to communicate with them through noises. Investigators would tap on a pipe or a wall and invite the spirits to mimic them.

Todd Prince, a member of Southern Utah Paranormal, had previously investigated the pawn shop and said he looked forward to seeing what this second investigation found.

“What we do as the paranormal community is go into locations and try to disprove everything we can,” Prince said. “I’m convinced that there is paranormal activity happening around us almost constantly, but we’re not aware of it because we’re not used to it, we’re not looking for it. But there seems to be a lot going on around us.”

Christensen said he felt something poking him, and felt dizzy until one of the SUP members told the spirits not to touch any of them.

Jackson said she and another member of SUP would trade off the feeling of a headache when they stood in the certain part of the store by the music section.


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