SUU News combines radio, paper and TV

Courtesy of SUU News

SUU’s student-run online news source, suunews.com, is the connecting thread for all of the university’s news outlets.

The website combines media from Power 91, SUTV and the University Journal to give students and the community up-to-date information.

SUU News has won multiple awards on a national level.

John Gholdston, operations manager for the University Journal, said the experience gained by working at suunews.com is an important part of working in the news industry.

“(SUUNews) is, mechanically, at least as important an experience to students as learning to work on the newspaper,” Gholdston said.

He said the website becomes increasingly more important as the journalism industry shifts to keep up with technology.

“I’m convinced it’s the way we’re going to be distributing news in the future,” Gholdston said. “This is a tumultuous time for the communication industry...so we’re doing everything we can to stay abreast.”

Gholdston said the website is read not only locally, but on an international level.

“We have a lot more eyeballs going to the website than we do the newspaper,” Gholdston said.

Hailee Tavoian, web editor for SUUNews, said online news has changed the dynamic of the industry because of the speed at which news is posted on the internet.

“Deadlines are so much more intense, there is no breaking news,” Tavoian said. “There’s a big push for hard-hitting journalism.”

She said viewers are expecting to find video, audio and writing all in one place.

“(SUU News) is a way for all the mediums to come together and work toward a common goal,” Tavoian said.

Tavoian said SUU News is the only news organization in Cedar City that updates several times a day.

She said many SUU News alumni are now working for bigger news organizations throughout Utah and she encourages student to get involved.

“It’s a cool time in the industry to be getting involved because we have a lot more opportunities, not just news,” Tavoian said. “There’s something for everyone.”

Tavoian said there are jobs in photography, videography, graphic design and many others in addition to writing.

Whitney Baum, Editor-in-Chief of the University Journal, said a great way to get involved with SUU News is to take any of the beginning practicum courses for Power 91, SUTV or the Journal.

She said students can also simply go in and talk to someone involved.

“I’m always looking for volunteers and we can coordinate between any of the three news sources,” Baum said.

She said another way to get involved is to sign up and become a member of suunews.com.

“(Students) can post comments, take polls and see events,” Baum said. “There are lots of interactive parts of the website.”

Baum said the goal of SUU News is to constantly inform students and the community by continuously updating the content of the site.

“We want students to read it and come to us for all of their news needs,” she said. “It’s become a 24/7, always there, always happening site.”


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